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Thursday, 19 March 2015

When Court Cards go Wrong: The Pages


Even in upright positions the tarot cards are not univocal or one-dimensional. There are shades, shadows, reflections, inflections and layers of meaning to each card. Often whether you read the cards "positively" or "negatively" depends on the theme of the reading, their position and their relation to other cards in a spread.

With the Court cards we know that they can represent a theme, a situation or an event. A Page (or Princess) can also be a message or piece of news. However, more usually they are people. Sometimes the querent, more frequently someone the querent knows, has known, or is about to know.

But what if it's not a happy sight? What unwelcome qualities could the Courts betoken in a person? What might they look like on a bad day?

Here's a Psyche Profile of the Court cards in their less likeable guise. Of course, it should be noted that they don't exhaust a personality; they only highlight those qualities or characteristics most pertinent to the issue at hand. 

Images are from the Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot, US Games Systems Inc. 

Skipping ahead, there are QUESTIONABLE QUEENS

Page of Wands
Our Page of Wands is an exuberant, highly motivated fellow. He's energetic, dynamic, passionate, engaged, aspirational and inspirational. He's a go-getter and an explorer. 

Gone wrong, he's lazy and slobs around with no motivation, focus, goals or projects. He sits about yawning, bored, twiddling the TV remote and stolidly immobile on the couch. He can barely be bothered to walk to the fridge for the next snack. This Page impatiently orders a take-away instead, if that's possible, or shouts for someone else to act as maidservant or butler.