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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The Tarot Sceptic

[When I began this piece I had no idea how I would conclude it. The ending was a surprise...]

How do you address or navigate the Tarot Sceptic?

Picture this: someone discovers that you are interested in the Tarot. You get that look. You might be deeply familiar with this expression of incredulity. It's the one that situates you as a person with cabbages growing out of your head.

What do you do?

Look in the mirror?
What, no discernible cabbage?

Yet the look is expressive of evaluative content. Sprouting from the cabbage is a combination of the following interlaced and overlapping thematic leaves:
a) you are suffering from some sort of delusional psychosis and are in need of an immediate reality-check (you're mad)
b) you cannot bear senseless reality and devalue it by the rejection implied in fleeing to another order of value and meaning (you're an irresponsible escapist)
c) you desire certitude and so believe  in fate and pre-destination (you're insecure)
d) you must feel powerless and the Tarot is a way of pretending you have control (you're desperate)
e) if you give any credence to the Tarot then you must also believe in the material and autonomous existence of  leprechauns, Harry Potter, centaurs, unicorns, mermaids, Asterix, fairies, Big Foot, talking toads, and the Seven Dwarfs. Maybe you do, but any connection with the Tarot is tendential rather than necessary (you're irrational)
f) you have just lost all credibility as a person (you're unbelievable)
[Although it must be said that this is most unfair to my dear friend Asterix].