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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Tarot Suit Characteristics

All cards of the same suit in the Tarot share common attributions which provide a general background to the interpretation of a specific card or the dynamics within an entire spread. Below, I present a general overview of the positive and negative aspects of the four suits of Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles. The register is that of psychological or behavioural characteristics. The four suits correspond in playing cards to Clubs, Hearts, Spades and Diamonds respectively. Aces, in particular, embody the raw potential of these characteristics, albeit in fledgling form. Detail and context is provided by the specific card, its position in a spread, and its relation to other cards in the spread. The card images are photographs of the Aces from my Morgan-Greer tarot deck. I have used timings based upon the beginnings of the seasons indicated by the astrological signs - other Tarot readers use other methods. I sometimes use alternative systems of timing depending on the question.

(Batons, Staffs, Rods, Clubs, Staves)
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius: Fire signs
Timing: Spring

All Systems Go! The Wands are the fiery dare-devils and  risk-takers in the Tarot suit quartet; ignited by passion, enthusiasm and energy. They are all about determination, courage, and daring. Wands cards have an element of ambition and expansion to them; they are concerned with action, movement, change, innovation and creativity. The Wands are dynamic, inspirational, adventurous, ardent and entrepreneurial with great leadership abilities. Bold and dashing: it's all full speed ahead with a Wand - indeed, they  often signify travel and journeys. The Wands are outgoing and involved, full of life and heart. Similar to the Cups, they often refer to one's "inner" life and for the Wands that concerns spirituality, attitudes, opinions and beliefs (whereas the Swords are fact and knowledge based; the Pentacles are about turning ideas into reality). Often a little competitive (the Five of Wands shows a bit of a tussle going on), they are nonetheless generous, charismatic, spiritual, and exuberant.  Of course, all qualities have their flip-side, and these same qualities can also be less than fantastic. The go-getting forceful spirit of a Wands person can become rash impetuosity, with a failure to think things through or take account of consequences. They can be careless, superficial, hasty, over-confident, brash, exhibit a lack of foresight and judgement, express themselves tactlessly, and be hot-headed and impatient. At worst, they can be foolish risk-takers, utterly chaotic, and all over the place (this is especially true of the Knight in certain contexts).