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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Cookery Tarot with the Minors


[Images courtesy of U.S. Games Systems, Inc]
Ever wondered what the cards would say about cookery? 
Probably not.
But would they have a view? Oh yes. They are capable of having a few words to say about everything and anything - ergo cookery does not constitute an exception. Let's listen in as they gather in their Suit kitchens...

Ace of Pentacles: "Here's your plate, chopping board, and dining table. You won't get anywhere without me unless you want to eat off the floor."
Ace of Cups: "Here are our cups, bowls and basins."
Ace of Swords: "I'm your cutlery. We'll need to cut, chop, peel, slice and dice."
Ace of Wands: "I'm the  creative and daring cooking inspiration. Yes you CAN whip up that gourmet meal in less than half an hour. Think positive, think positive! A disaster omelette yesterday does NOT mean you cannot create a culinary extravaganza today! No negative energy in the kitchen per-lease. Just connect to your Higher Cooking Self!" 

Two of Pentacles: "Erm...I'm having trouble putting the ingredients together in the right quantities and working out how to get everything timed with any synchronicity. Hang on, dropped one of the plates..."
Three of Pentacles: "How many times have I told you not to extemporize and do your own thing without expert advice! What you are doing is not in the recipe. Look!"
Four of Pentacles: "Yum. I've done the starter but  I had better eat it all by myself. You never know where your next dish is coming from or if there will be one."
Five of Pentacles: "Oh woe, I so want to join in but I'm on a strict diet."
Six of Pentacles: "Um, think I have got the ingredients in the wrong proportions."
Seven of Pentacles: "Well, this is taking absolutely forever to cook, will it be worth it?"    
Eight of Pentacles: "I'm really slaving away over the proverbial hot stove with this, it's a lot of hard work, this cooking, but it will be great in the end."
Nine of Pentacles: "What a lovely evening, let's eat al fresco outside en plein air."
Ten of Pentacles: "Stop! We've been summoned to a big formal family meal thing, best behaviour!"