Saturday, 7 November 2015


My apologies for being away for a while...

There isn't a busy bee tarot card but if there was I would post it here. 

Here's me today. Ok I don't have blonde hair and it's quite nippy here in the UK so I'm not wearing some kind of thin strappy something but...yeah. Clock watching, lists, too much to organize. Feeling a little overwhelmed by so much going on I need to sort out...and not totally fit and well...where's the Slump Trump card? Perhaps The Empress reclining in resplendent comfort? Although I don't feel that in control. The crown and sceptre may have to wait. 

But I'm getting there. Life moves so slowly sometimes. You kick, shove, prod, wrangle, try a new angle, decide to 'go with the flow' instead and nothing happens...all a bit static Knight of Pentacles. Looking in the right direction but not actually moving. 

Although I *have* moved. I've been busy moving home. Cue Four of Wands. It's wonderful! But it's been up there at the top of the Stress list and I need to sort out my previous place and tie up all the dangly loose ends...and...and...


As I said. This is me today. 


  1. Welcome back! Congrats on the new digs and hope you get all the dangly bits tucked and sorted. Looking forward to new posts and adventures with tarot.

    1. Thanks Wulfie. Yes I really need to finish that Psycho Court card series. I've left the poor old Kings out!

  2. I've just discovered this blog and I love it---insightful as well as fun. I hope you return from hiatus soon, appropriately destressed and with your material problems all sorted.