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Royal Baby Taroting

As you may or may not be aware, Constitutional Monarchy is alive and well - and expanding. There is a new member, currently third in line to the throne.

Here are a couple of Royal cards.....

Catherine (Kate) as The Empress
William (Wills) as The Emperor

On Monday the 22nd July, 2013, on the hottest day in London for years (33c/90f) Kate Middleton and William Windsor (the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge) had their first baby (although she did all the work). At the private Lindo Wing of St. Mary's hospital in West London, their baby son was born at precisely 4.24pm (BST) weighing 8lbs and 6oz (3.798kg). The baby has now been named George. George Alexander Louis.

Stepping Out [image courtesy www.gossip.com]

Given the recent change in the law of Primogeniture (if the firstborn is a girl, then any subsequent son would  supersede her and inherit the throne, a species of institutionalized gender nepotism) many were hoping it would be a girl as this would mean, with the change in the law, that she would inherit the throne irrespective of a younger brother. This historic moment was not to be as the baby was a boy.

What might the baby's Tarot Birth Cards tell us about the new baby? For the Birth Cards of other rich and famous people check out my previous post  Tarot Birth Cards
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Calculating the Tarot cards on the basis of his date of birth, this Royal is a  Star/Strength.

What is it all about? Tarot Birth Cards provide a glimpse into the formative energies comprising self-identity: personality traits, particular talents or deficits, strengths and weaknesses, and even the sorts of energies you may be dealing with throughout your life which tend to synchronistically reflect the personality profile. Sometimes the same old things mysteriously seem to crop up again and again. Sometimes you are behaving in the same old ways with the same old attitudes and outlook. Perhaps your temperament invites the kinds of joys or difficulties you experience, other times it just seems like a roll of the Wheel of Fortune sending you peddling round on the same old cycle. 

By being aware of your Birth Cards you get a kind of head-start in self-awareness. And, without being self-aware, you may remain ignorant of how you create your reality. This doesn't mean you picked your circumstances en toto, completely and totally, only that within those circumstances you are the spider in the cobweb bouncing the strings. Even if you did not choose the pattern of the strings. To change metaphors, you are dealt the cards, but how you play them depends upon you. Tacking a more subtle level to this, the opposition between fate/destiny and freewill is not as static as this polarity might suggest. It is not an easy matter to distinguish the one from the other at times: how free to choose are you really? What factors enter into a choice that you did not autonomously choose? For example, you may decide you want a flashy new car, but was that ideal invented by you alone? Clearly not. Conversely, how immutable are those factors you think might be given and unalterable? Perhaps you become an anarchist, exposing the exploitation and generative sources behind the wish for status-symbol cars, thereby changing popular opinion about the desirability of having a show-off vehicle. In other words, what appears lapidary and "given" versus what appears to be a matter of choice is more of an interface where both poles interact. You can pick a few bits out (you didn't choose your birthplace or your parents or how you were treated as a child) or, on the free choice side, like Dostoyevsky in Notes From Underground (writing against determinism as early as 1864) you make a deliberate and perverse decision to, say, and apropos of nothing at all, knock over the Royal tea-table and scatter Earl Grey tea, scones, and cucumber sandwiches everywhere. Because you could. And so, we find ourselves with an interactive configuration of what seems to be given to us and what we do or think and feel about it. And do you choose your feelings? Or is how you feel dependent on how others treat you? Or is it a mix? Similarly with the concept of self-worth. There a great many questions we can ask about who decides or produces what, and who you are as a result. This confluence of factors and exchanges of energy are provisionally exhibited in your Tarot Birth Cards. Once you have a sneak-preview you have the opportunity to make more informed decisions on the basis of where you might be coming from and where you want to go. The Birth Cards show you potentials and possibilities arising from where you start and which are re-configured as you travel through life. They can be seen as a kind of blue-print or map.

So, what's afoot in the Tarot Palace for the Royal Prince? What might his birth cards signify? What themes might describe the deepest originary impetus behind One's royal ambitions, longings, choices and actions? What might he need to learn?

Calculating the Tarot cards on the basis of his date of birth, the new Royal baby has the Star/Stength cards. For how to calculate these, plus links to more information, check out my guest post on BiddyTarot by clicking on the link below:

The Star in the Tarot is the Major Arcana card number 17, which reduces to 8. Number 8 is the Major Arcana card Strength (prior to the Order of the Golden Dawn's reshuffling it used to be number 11, now Justice). This combination, in respect of this particular proto-King, brings to mind the Old Testament story of Daniel of Babylon. Daniel, a visionary, was thrown into a den of lions for not respecting a  law instituted by the Medes and the Persians decreeing a thirty day worship of the King. Daniel was caught praying to God instead. With sadness, the King (King Darius the Mede) was obliged to follow the law and throw Daniel into a den of lions. As we know, Daniel survived. His faith in God was not in vain, 'My God hath sent his angel, and hath shut up the mouths of the lion, and they have not hurt me' [OT, ch.6, 22]. 

I find that an interesting and pertinent story with respect to the particularity of this baby as a future King in the context of the Star/Strength cards. They speak of courage, inner confidence and self-belief, combined with faith in a higher order of possible meaning that is beyond the self; not necessarily God but an ideal which reaches beyond the purview of the individual. An opening up, one might say, to inspiration from beyond the horizon of the Palace gates. 

Both cards situate courage as an internal resource or reserve that he must summon up for himself. He's going to need a lot of that. He will have to withstand media intrusion, the painful complexities of his family history, the intricacies of Royal responsibilities, constitutionally legislated codes of decorum, and a massive stack of dutiful obligations. However, assuming he exemplifies the positive attributions of  these cards, they are perhaps the most promising of all the available combinations for the kind of fearless personality best able to deal with all this and survive without too many chunks torn out of his soul. He may have been born with a silver spoon in his mouth but he's going to insist that he's the one who scrapes it across the Royal platter. 

The Strength card, in fact, is one of the most complex Major Arcana cards to understand in the Tarot. There are dozens of layers to it, and an almost infinite number of coils that could be applied to a whole host of lemniscatory notions and situtations. The Strength card presents us with a paradox. There's an image of a fragile human being (usually depicted as woman) in close contact with a lion. It always has a mane so  it's a male lion. There is a panoply of gender issues here, but the main point is that these are traditionally opposites. We know that this card is going to be about what appear to be sameness and otherness, identity and difference, assembly and fragmentation, reconciliation and alienation. In the Strength card we see a relation to what is other, unfamiliar and unknown (the lion) where the woman respects that otherness without reducing it to her emprise or obliterating it through a violent subjugation. She doesn't see the lion as a creature to be destroyed.

Ordinarily, of course, messing about with a lion puts one in considerable danger. Ordinarily, and obviously, this would be a stupid thing to do. But is it so obvious, and just what is the card warning us about? Who or what is the lion? She can't chase it out of the card. It's stuck with her, just as Daniel was trapped with his lions. She could perhaps confront the lion aggressively with weapons but then she would be locked into an eternal battle, an everlasting conflict, and in any case there are no weapons in the card. No sword, not even a stray cup or pentacle with which to clonk the lion over the head. Unlike the Magician, she has no handy implements on a table to use. Can you imagine being stuck between the borders of a card with a lion? A human being and a lion: this is plainly not a battle that can be won through sheer physical domination or brute force.  That they are together in the card tells us something. It tells us that they are enframed as parts of the same whole. And she does have resources, but these must be drawn from within her own temperament and inner self-belief. At one level, then, this comprises two parts of a single person. The lion can, at this level,  be figured forth as "animal" passion: aggression, lust, desire, or the unconscious. However, the woman in the Strength card has domesticated it without damaging its form. She uses gentleness. She soothes and welcomes the lion. She makes friends with it; symbolically she is in accord with her animal self. They are not collapsed together (the lion has not been obliterated, the woman has not been consumed) but are related, the one to the other. Returning to our abandoned  baby, this means that the Prince must find the courage to befriend and accept rather than fight the irrational or impulsive parts of his nature, and furthermore to do so with gentleness, grace and compassion. Otherwise he's going to get bitten. In other words, if he can't establish a co-existence between his rational and irrational sides or even darker and more aggressive and libidinal instincts, he will end up fighting himself.

Whilst this is a lesson could be applicable to anyone, when this card comes up it signifies that the issue is at the forefront. In the Royal context, this has a wider significance. He will need to control himself, as there will certainly be a great deal of Royal restraint necessary in his life. He will need to learn how to make friends with his other unmerciful lions - the press, the public, the dizzying welter of expectations and demands. He is forever and irreducibly born into the card with the lions. Antagonizing or fleeing from the press and the hoi poloi results in a severe sound-bite accompanied by unflattering and sometimes vicious photographs across the tabloids the next day. The card advises him to charm the rapacious rabble not by exhibiting hostility but through a softly-softly charismatic approach, using all the persuasive charm and subtle wit he might possess. The astrological association of the Strength card is Leo. He could quite enjoy being the centre of attention and may even court it when it suits him. But it will be on his own terms. However, to reconcile himself to his own impulses, together with the incursions of the mob-mentality tabloid press and the clamour of the crowds, he'll need enormous reserves of courage, conviction, acceptance, and self-confidence. George will need to learn how to express his own needs in relation to external pressure in a way that does not invite excoriation or condemnation. Or upset Great Grandmother, the Queen (although inevitably they all do at some point). At worst with the Strength card he could be fearful, overwhelmed, intimidated, and full of self-doubt. At best, he will essay to navigate all forces, both inner and outer, with a gentle touch and, I think, quite possibly become the most popular Royal of all. Especially when we add in the auspices of the Star. Hopefully he will the have fortitude, resilience, patience and perseverance to endure the Royal life-style. He will have to try to understand where others are coming from, what they want from him, and the nature of the obligations thrust on him.  I suspect that the Strength card, in combination with the Star, will conspire to make him very much admired.

The Star card shows another woman. She is naked and unconcealed, she has nothing to hide and moreover is not frightened of this vulnerability - this ties in nicely with the Strength card where the Prince will be exposed to the vicissitudes of being a public figure. It is a card of hope and replenishment. However, and again tying in to the Strength card, he may have to learn how to control what to conceal and what to reveal about himself. How much of himself is he going to want on show? How much control will his parents be able to exert concerning his public exposure? Also reflecting in and out of the Strength card, we have a self-other theme in the naked woman concerning the spheres of the private and the public, the decent and the indecent, intimate family life and civic performance. She is acutely visible, divested of all cover, and subject to the gaze. According to the British newspapers, this is going to be the most protected baby yet, with so much security surrounding him that the freely expressive vision of the Star is going to be inhibited. The Star card is also about a sense of fate and destiny but this baby will have it mapped out for him. He's third in line to the throne. It's a certainly a higher purpose beyond his own personal concerns, but will he happily embrace this kind of predestination? He doesn't have much choice in terms of his destiny: being born into this very public and still rather traditional Royal family (contrast Monaco), means his life is always going to be arranged, ritualized and regimented. And yet the Star also signifies a potential interest in the other-worldly, innovative projects and the as yet unthought. We may find the Prince developing a passion for humanitarian ideals, convening plans for the greater good of humanity beyond the edifice of his particular environment. One thinks of Princess Diana with her charitable good causes, or Grandad Charles with his obsession for ecological, holistic, environmental and egalitarian issues (you'll have to ignore the irony). With the Star, finding greater meaning outside of his immediate context may well provide him with the inner strength and renewal to be able to contend with a life in the face of glaring publicity and inbuilt recognition. He's already a star. Public attention and adoration is his already. A way out is hopeless, it's disbarred from the start. The life of a Windsor Royal is in essence a life in exile, in service but hostage to it. There is nowhere to hide. Commoners can't get in, and he can't get out.  He will need to find hope from within both himself and within the confines of the formal shape his life will necessarily dictate. There is no escape. George is a star whether he likes it or not. That is his destiny, his blessing, and his nemesis. He will need the heart of that lion.   

Astrologically, the new Prince is a Cancer - half an hour away from having been a Leo - and his Rising Sign is Scorpio with the moon in Capricorn. 

William is also Cancer and a Justice/High Priestess in the Tarot. Kate is Capricorn and World/Empress (her date reduces to a single 3, putting the Hanged Man into the position of a Hidden Force or Factor - here is the Empress will to Motherhood combined with a devotional family ethic. No surprise there).

Images are from the fabulous Tarot Illuminati by Erik C. Dunne, get yours HERE

How do you see the freewill versus determinism issue? Fate versus chance? The necessary versus the contingent? Or is the distinction a red herring? Or...perhaps not quite? Are there mysterious or inexplicably adventitious patterns, cycles or events in your life? What are your views on the Wheel of Fortune card? Who spins it? You or....? 

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