Thursday, 18 April 2013

Reading for Pets!


Yes, believe it or not, you can read for your pets! It is no more mysterious than how the Tarot works for a person - somehow it does - but what you can't do, of course, is to then ask the animal any further questions or request validation or feedback. Obviously, it should be said, a Tarot reading for your pet is no substitute for a trip to the vet if your animal is poorly. However, a reading for your pet is a useful tool if they have behavioural problems of a non-medical nature or if you notice that they seem a little out of sorts, and you might also usefully employ the Tarot to ask what you could do better to improve their lives.

These are the sorts of questions you might try: 

  • What sort of personality does my pet have?
  • What am I doing that my pet enjoys and would wish to continue?
  • What am I doing that my pet does not enjoy and wishes me to stop?
  • Is my pet's environment conducive to his/her well-being and happiness? 
  • How can I better relate to my pet?
  • If my pet could talk, would would he/she say to me?

Here's our test case -

Using the questions above I did my very first reading for Theo the rabbit.

Here's what he got -

The Hermit
Three of Pentacles
Seven of Cups
Queen of Pentacles
Ace of Cups
Reversed Four of Swords    

                                                                      Theo's cards

Theo has the Hermit as his personality card.
What might that mean in terms of a rabbit? First up, he is an only rabbit. Rabbit-wise he is alone. So, too, as a rescue rabbit he spent his first year of life having to make his way in life alone with little affection or regard for his welfare. Apparently he constantly escaped from the garden and would vanish for days - then turn up back on the doorstep. How he survived or found his way around remains a mystery. Hermit-like, he had only his inner wisdom to guide him.  Ordinarily the Hermit indicates a time when we would "go within" to ruminate, speculate, analyze, contemplate, and reach our own truths immune from what others might impress upon us or the kinds of social meanings and values with which we are surrounded. Here is a rabbit who makes up his own mind about everything! A rabbit who works things out for himself (including how to nose open the fridge and claw out the bottom drawer where his vegetables reside) and won't move even if he needs to be pushed away from something valuable (such as a Tarot card on the floor). He will analyze a situation and decide the best way of accomplishing his goals (such as waking me up only gently by pulling my hair or licking my hand). Whilst not aggressive, he is very determined to have his own way with little regard for the ways of others. Unless your ways are in his way, in which case they are single-mindedly knocked aside. A rabbit can easily hurl your books and bins and other accoutrements across the room with a suprisingly strong flick of the neck. If you are in his way he will shove you out of it with a heavy-weight push of the nose. However, there is another dimension to the Hermit, and that is as a mentor or guide. As I stroke his soft fur and he wedges himself close, the world and its chatter falls away and we rest together at a quiet height that nothing can reach; a moment out of time, a non-space where nothing else exists but our selves. Here he shows me a clearing wherein I can just inhabit the present moment and go within myself to a place of peace and a type of timeless truth that I can't access as easily in any other way.

What does Theo enjoy and wish me to continue doing? With the Three of Pentacles we know that he enjoys company with a practical dimension (plenty of Pentacles tactility) and for me to work hard on his behalf, attentive to every detail, consulting the vet and rabbit advice columns if need be. Here is the card urging me to continue clearing up after him, replenishing his food and water, buying his favourite snacks (very important), checking he has his favourite soft mats and that his litter tray is comfortable, and that he has a rabbit blanket on the bed. Spoiled? You bet.

What does he want me to stop? The Seven of Cups. Oh dear. That's an easy one - he hates me being distracted! Whatever I'm doing he will scrabble and scratch at me until he gets attention. The Seven of Cups show us the multiple quotidian distractions and occupations with which I have to concern myself on a daily basis - and he sooo wishes I didn't. And, indeed, some of the occupations and seemingly promising opportunities that take me away from him turn out to be illusory and a waste of time. Time better spent with him, no doubt.

How is my pet's environment suiting him? Very well. He has the Queen of Pentacles. Of course, the first thing I noticed was that this is the Rider-Waite card with the rabbit! As I look at him stretched in a small patch of sun he reminds me very much of The Queen of Pentacles residing beautifully, even regally, at home in her environment. Everything around her is comfortable, flourishing, and contributing to her optimum well-being. As Theo is an autocratic house rabbit who can move freely (and throw things out of his way), surrounded by abundant and plentiful creature comforts, nothing could suit him better than this card for his environment. Phew, that's a relief.

How can I better relate to him? The Ace of Cups. Somehow, that was not a surprise. By continually renewing and replenishing his cup of love and attention! As anyone knows with animals, the love and affection is unconditional and that always-new potential of the Ace of Cups (which also carries the rest of the suit of Cups within itself) is a perfect representation of how I can better relate to him - be even more loving and giving and know that the Ace of Cups never runs dry for it is eternally refilled. One might say that the mystery of love, felt as an inexplicable gift from above, and beyond any mechanics we might try to reduce it to, is the message at the heart of the Ace of Cups. While the other cards illustrate how emotions might play themselves out situationally in our lives, the Ace reminds us of the pure ongoing potential of love.

What would he say to me? Reversed Four of Swords. Oooh. I think I can transcribe that. It's not so much speaking as shouting. "GET OUT OF BED, GET OFF YOUR BEHIND, STOP WHATEVER YOU ARE DOING AND SEE TO ME!" That is me in the card, then, being toppled out of my resting place and clumping down to the floor i.e. rabbit-level. Sometimes the reversed Four of Swords can mean absolute fatigue and exhaustion (an emphatic exaggeration of the upright meaning) or else the reverse: you have effectively been asleep and withdrawn for too long now so break out of the somnolence and get moving and actively engaged with life once more. Given Theo's previous cards, it is not difficult to see this card as attention-grabbing speech. I think we can safely say that if he had a voice he would be yelling at me to shelve all distractions and any temporary withdrawal from providing him with attention 24/7. 

So there we have it. Here is a single rabbit autonomously running his own show yet who provides me with inner stillness, who enjoys being looked after and provided with all he needs, a little miffed when I'm caught up in other demands, who luxuriates in his surroundings, who wants an endless outpouring of love and affection and, finally, wants even more of the same. 

Have a go yourself, I would love to hear how this works for you! Feel free to create your own questions. 

© Donna at Tarotdon Tarot


  1. Wow... this is really so brilliant. I am KICKING myself, "why hadn't I thought to do this yet?" Truly stunning that he got the Q/P! I have always fancied the rabbit sitting at her feet. Now I must run along and read my cats :)

    1. Yes, do, I wasn't sure what to expect but it was accurate beyond my wildest expectations!

  2. This is most intriguing. I have a border collie, part pet and part working dog but although she is very affectionate I am trying not to indulge her. I am not sure if this is making her unhappy. I wonder if you could give me any insights if I email you for a reading? Much obliged.

    Frederick Barlow

  3. Pardon, you left out the significance of the wands card? The spread has 7 cards but you only explained 6.

    1. OMG. You are quite right. How did that happen? I've missed out that 7 of Wands. I would describe that as Theo vigorously defending and protecting his Top Bunny position in my heart and with respect to his environment; pestering for treats, nudging me to stroke him, and being a bit territorial over "his" toys and where things are placed.
      Still, well spotted. I can't believe I did that! Or rather didn't.

    2. Thank you for the quick reply. :)

  4. :) I'm grateful you spotted that. Thank you.

  5. New to this: did you choose the Hermit card for him before the spread based on your knowledge of his personality as you experience it, or did the spread provide that card to represent him? And, I am not familiar with this spread...can you provide a basic explanation?

    1. Hi there!
      No, I didn't select the Hermit deliberately for him. I shuffled the deck, face down, and simply picked a card to represent him. I didn't know what it was going to be.
      As for the don't HAVE to use a set spread. Useful as they are, you can also decide on your own questions, as I did here.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

    2. Oh! I created the layout for the spread myself, too.